So we’re live at last.  A website, a twitter and 2 plays to flog.

I say bonjour because  of the recent fun-times of creating a website, or rather, getting an easy peasy template – has involved a certain amount of french entanglements and a few utterances of Merde!

But hey-ho, here we go.  It’s live.  I’ve been tweeting already and firing out the emails and applications like mad this morning.

My next challenge will be bringing a little more colour and imagery to both site and twitter, and giving everyone a little taste of the works in the works.

I don’t want to get too bloggy, but in these early days I want to document the journey Lughnacy is on, and share some of the joys and pitfalls of pursuing something you dream of and setting up a theatre company.

I recently left a long and prosperous career as a project manager because I was tired of doing the thing I loved part-time, and never getting the time for more than the basics of writing or performing.  Setting up my own theatre company is a dream come true, and the hardest part so far was coming up with the name.  I hope giving this the time, care and attention it needs will let me produce work I’m proud and passionate about, and I hope audiences will feel that way too.

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