So back in September 2017 I decided to take a year out from work to make something happen with my play Her Not Him. It was some kind of special blessing that about a week before I was due to finish my comfortable well-paid day job, I found out it was long-listed for the Bruntwood Prize. Spoiler alert, it didn’t win, or even get shortlisted, but it was an incredible boost to my confidence as a writer and the self-belief that this was a play worth putting on.

Cut to six months later and the show has been and gone. THe review were good, were encouraging! But rent still needs to be paid, so it back to the coal mine… or the Lego-Bloc building in Canary wharf for the foreseeable. To earn my keep and save up enough for the next. Which is already percolating …. already.. bubbling and brewing…

More to come on that.

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