So I’ve had this idea for ages. This figure in Irish mythology who keeps haunting me, chasing me, poking me to do something! I’ve done drafts of plays, there even the workings of YA novel in the folders from my twenties that I daren’t delete. But yeah Lugh has been around for years. Didn’t I name the bloody company after him? And I’ve had so much fun tooling around goat-headed suit-men.

But now I’ve got the beginning of a script and a director to help me workshop it. So we’re out in Brixton, at the wonderful Sunshine Arts Centre, which has a kind of cool shelter, under-a-bridge vibe that works for me.

I am very grateful to have the very wonderful and talented Anna Marshall (plus her gorgeous doggo)  steering the ship here.   She’s an experienced deviser and director and headed for an MFA in the not too distant future.  But mainly she’s great at getting to the core of a scene and helping me figure out how to improve things.

Loving working with Orla Sanders again, and Wallis Hamilton Fenton has been so up for all the weird improv games and testing and poking we’re doing with the scenes and relationship, It’s giving me goosebumps thinking about how great they’re going to be on stage.

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