I love the King’s Head as a pub. It’s just gorgeous and does a good ploughman’s, but it’s got the frenetic energy of a million different productions in its floorboards and bar stools.

My first show there was back in 2016 with Underfoot Theatre Company, in a show called Living Between Lies, a title I still cringe at. But it was a first taste of the bitter, the salty and the sweet of being on stage, performing scene I wrote all by myself and put together into something shaped like a play.

And here I am again. Back in this lovely sweaty place, the day after Pride (I was good-ish, got home at a reasonable hour) And the day after a big England World Cup thing. And possibly the hottest day of the year!

I owe a big thanks to Anna, Orla and Wallis for all the hard work to get it to this place. It’s sad not be doing a proper run. But it has to start somewhere.


If I had to do a Lesson Learned from this it would be the following:

  • Do a proper run
  • Take more time off work (feck the bank and their staffing issues)
  • Spend more time thinking about how this set will look in the dark
  • Make time for production photos
  • Chase reviewers
  • Plan the get in/get out better! Screw your pride, ask for more favours!

God, that’s enough.

It feels like an exorcism of sorts. It’s kind of a play about art, and the need to make it but feeling inadequate, feeling unworthy of it, thinking your life is pointless without it. So excising some of those sentiments was something I really needed to do.

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