Doing it again

Quitting my cushy day job to take some time off to write.  To give a new idea some time and effort and submit it to Bruntwood and others. 

I’ve been obsessing about fertility.  I don’t think it’s unusual to do so at the ripe old age of 38.  I don’t know how to articulate the feelings I have. There’s a yearning but also a concern that I can’t afford it, financially or spiritually. But there’s also a healthy dose of fear of ending up alone and childless and into my dotage with no family. But these are fears rooted in archaic ideas about what growing old is supposed to be like and how I’m supposed to spend my older years and the very meaning of family and how it’s got. And that last part is fundamentally important to me. Found family. Non-traditional family structure.

So that’s the play. A non-traditional root to family.

But before that is leaving the comfort and routine and structure of the day job, and all the trappings of being a corporate bitch.

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