What is Lughnacy?

Lugh [luɣ]; modern Irish: Lú[luː]) is an important god of Irish mythology. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, Lugh is portrayed as a youthful warrior hero, a king and saviour. He is associated with skill, crafts and the arts as well as with oaths, truth and the law. He is sometimes interpreted as a sun god, a storm god or a sky god. Lugh is also strongly associated with the harvest festival of Lughnasadh, which is named after him.

Taking inspiration from the many attributes of our muse, Lughnacy Productions is a company that seeks to create theatre and tell stories that are demonstrate our love for the craft, and the truth of our discipline Like Lugh we seek to be ildánach (“skilled in many arts”) and use all the talents available to us.

I want the work we make to be elemental, tempestuous, but vital and nourishing, like the sun, the storm and the sky, with respect for nature and the environment we work in.

But much as Lugh had his harvest festival, and liked a good knees up, we too want to have a good time, and comedy, irreverence and joyfulness will saturate the work we create.

Given it’s Celtic, pagan and mystical origins, there will be something of the magic and mysterious nature of theatre to what we do, both dark and light.

Truth, oaths and the law, will feature also, both in the pursuit and uncovering of what lies behind a story or a performance, but also in trying to get to the truth of issues – psychological and social.


Creative Producer & Playwright – Joanne Fitzgerald

Joanne is a producer-writer-actor and project manager who has previously co-written and performed the devised play Living Between Lies with Underfoot Theatre Company at the Stockholm Fringe, Kings Head, Islington in 2014 and Brighton Fringe in 2015. Her first full-length play Her Not Him was long-listed for the 2017 Bruntwood Prize and premiered at Theatre503, Battersea in January 2018.  Dark Arts premiered at the Kings Heads Theatre Islington  as part of the Playmill Festival in July 2018.


Associate Producer – Aleks Grela

Aleks trained as a ballet dancer at Elmhurst in association with Birmingham Royal Ballet.  After returning to London in 2014 she decided to pursue actor training at Central School of Speech and Drama. She and Joanne performed together in Living Between Lies with Underfoot Theatre Company at the Stockholm Fringe, Kings Head, Islington in 2014 and Brighton Fringe in 2015.  Since then she has been pursuing work as an assistant producer, and worked with Disney Theatrical Group and David Collins Studio.  She join Lughnacy Productions in 2019 as Association Producer for our forthcoming productions.