Her Not Him by Joanne Fitzgerald

January 2018

Bea is getting older and settling into a relationship with a younger girlfriend, Ellie, who longs for something more domestic.  When Bea meets a transvestite by the name of Jemima, it makes her wonder about her priorities and whether she wants to start settling with Ellie, or seek out something or someone more exciting.

Her Not Him was long-listed for the 2017 Bruntwood Prize and premieres in January 2018


BEA – Orla Sanders  |   ELLIE – Leah Kirby   |   JEMIMA/JAMES – John James


Creative Team:

DIRECTOR – Amy Lawrence

PRODUCER – Joanne Fitzgerald

DESIGNER – Sophia Pardon

MUSIC– Daniel Vildósola

SOUND DESIGN – Annie May Fletcher

LIGHTING DESIGN – Hakan Hafızoğlu

GRAPHIC DESIGN – Florence De La Fourniére

STAGE MANAGER – Ellie Haffenden


17th January 2018 – Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London

30th January to 3rd February  2018 – Theatre 503, Battersea, London

Behind the Scene Photos 
Production Photos


 ‘Each scene stands alone as a well-crafted moment of dialogue and humour, of which writer Joanne Fitzgerald should be proud.’  (Harpy Magazine)

‘Lughnacy [Productions]’s debut production is a charming relationship comedy-drama that ensures the audience leaves with a definite warm and fuzzy feeling.’  (Fairy Powered Productions – 4 Stars)

‘Joanne Fitzgerald’s first full-length play is not only entertaining but also raises some interesting questions about identity…. A play full of promise, featuring some excellent writing and skillful performances…’          (Everything Theatre – 3 Stars)

‘It’s a very promising start. The script is warm and witty, presenting its characters with affection and depth.’ (The Spy in the Stalls3 Stars)

Her Not Him works excellently as a view of some of the issues around sexual politics and the real impacts it can have, remaining a modern-day romance throughout rather than hammering you over the head with politics to give an enjoyable show that will leave you wondering about the characters after.’ (LGBTQ Arts Review)

Dark Arts

July 2018

One very bad awful Friday night Em decides she’s had enough. She’s failing at life, at work, at painting, and can’t go on. She has tools at the ready, a knife in her hand – this is it, she’s going to do it. But someone appears in her flat at the wrong moment, claiming to be a God by the name of Lugh, waiting to take her away, or maybe convince her to do otherwise.

‘I wasn’t summoned here by your positive outlook.’
‘You weren’t bloody summoned at all.’

Dark Arts by Joanne Fitzgerald, is a new play exploring the reasons why we are driven to make art even when it makes us feel like giving up; and somehow finding a way to keep going, with or without supernatural intervention.

Dark Arts premiered at the King’s Head Theatre, Islington on 8th July as part of the Playmill  New Writing Festival


LUGH- Orla Sanders

EM – Wallis Hamilton Fenton

Creative Team:

DIRECTOR – Anna Marshall

PRODUCER & Writer – Joanne Fitzgerald

SET DESIGN – Jo Bright

SOUND DESIGN – Wilfred Petherbridge


GRAPHIC DESIGN – Florence De La Fournière

TECHNICIAN – Richard Lambert